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"‘Get There,’ a wildly exciting and unique track that just about any house lover should enjoy."

- Brandon Chitwood


EDM House Network

"DY3NASTY shows off just how melodic his style can get with memorable melodies and catchy arpeggios playing on top of those. If you’re a fan of melodic and upbeat feel good music, this one is a treat." -Dylan Smith



"After some strong synths and reprise of lyrics, “Get There” showcases a percussion break that shifts the song into a world of fist pumping and bass thumping, then slides into a mix of a well rounded representation of all the sounds that were experimented with throughout the track." -Bella Mars

Screenshot_2019-08-23 Music Review DY3NA


"In a landscape saturated with well-worn tropes, DY3NASTY shows willingness to embrace his own idiosyncrasies—no matter whether the sounds he works with are trending or not— and that it makes for truly satisfying work. The devil, as they say, is in the details. He brings stylistic savvy and studio finesse to a song that will stick out in his catalog."

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