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Based in Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN - dy3nasty moved to Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2018 to pursue a career in producing. He began his career in small local clubs and bars around the city of Muncie, Indiana.


His live DJ career began to take off as he connected with venues locally around the area. As 2018 began, he decided it was time to take his passion for DJing to the next level. Combining years of music theory, electronic music study, producing, and DJ studies, the dy3nasty brand was born. Just before moving to Los Angeles, dy3nasty created his first single "While" - as an opportunity to step out of the DJ arena. After much satisfaction, he decided to hone in on his producing skills and create content that would improve on itself with every new release.


His music has received praise from numerous outlets and listeners around the world.


He has been a featured "Rising Artist" on & found on

Dy3nasty has plans to release and promote even more music as 2022 kicks off with excitement! See more @

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